"NHB and its core technologies are grounded in the principle that the industry (biotech & biopharma) is evolving,...and we want to be part of that."

Ernest Stadler, Founder


(r)Evolutionary Production

The evolving demands on biotech and biopharma to optimize supply chains, trade Capex for Opex, and deliver consistent quality across the globe cost effectively, necessarily lead us to innovations, sometimes evolutions, of how we do business. This need is what drives innovation at New Horizon Biotech. NHB is steeped in industry experience, insight, consistency, and compliance, but mandated to generate and innovate better ways of getting the job done right. Thats where NHB is...where is your company at?


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Founded in 2014, New Horizon Biotechnology is a privately held corporation based out of Bethlehem, PA, USA. NHB has developed and is preparing to deploy a patented fermenter system that enables more flexible, cost effective, and reproducible production for biotechnology and biopharmaceutical customers.