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Single Use Horizontal Bioreactor : SUHB™. 


Single Use Horizontal Fermentor : SUHF™.



Single Use Horizontal Mixer : SUHM™.


No, we don't know how to pronounce these yet either. But NHB is confident these fermentors, bioreactors and mixers are going to fundamentally improve your scaling. Scaling up, down, out, or redistribution of production capabilities. NHB products and technologies will change how you do it, how long it takes, and how much it costs....for the better. 



The SUHF™ is a horizontal pressurizable SU microbial fermentor capable of new levels of power input, oxygen enrichment and mixing. This flexible single use bag reactor system delivers optimal microbial growth kinetics and metabolism of proteins, vaccines and other fermented products.  This yields uniformly excellent productivity and much smoother scaling up and scaling out operations.

customer mission

NHB and its SUHF™ & SUHB™ systems enable customers to rapidly deploy a single use method to grow a broad range of batch sizes and cultures.  Whether at pilot or full production volumes, the SUHF™ & SUHB™ systems reduce infrastructure costs and enable rapid production responsiveness, providing up to 3,000L batch sizes in low ceiling height facilities. We help achieve operations missions.


NHB is presently testing a full scale 50L working volume prototype and validating mixing and oxygen mass transfer. Results and reports, including photos, videos, projections, computational corroboration (ANSYS Fluent), and technical analysis will be available by direct request only. 

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SUHF™ /  SUHB™ / SUHM™ Value

The NHB SUHF™ microbial system overcomes performance limitations that plague vertical non-pressurized designs by using a horizontal form factor with patented pressurizable, multi-agitated and operating technology. The scalable family of sizes encompass flexibility through modular design and enables users to achieve superior scale-out and scale-up to production levels of 3000L and beyond. The low profile horizontal SS Bag Retention Vessel (BRV) design has operating volumes up to 3000L that will fit within a 9 ft. ceiling modular clean room thereby avoiding excessive facility and infrastructure costs.

In a similar manner the SUHB™ units have all the same benefits and features as the SUHF™ however they are adapted for cell culture with a low shear pitched blade impeller, micro sparger, and gas mixing system all geared towards the needs of mammalian cell growth. 

The SUHM™ mixer family provide the same scalability as the fermentors and bioreactors with the added benefit of larger working volume for many of the mixing unit operations in a typical microbial or cell culture bioprocess. Temperature control, pH adjustment, N2 blanketing, and other control options are available to fit the mixer to the application. Custom mixing impellers provide proper mixing for solid to liquid and liquid to liquid mixing from Media and Buffer prep upstream to many downstream applications.

scale up

The SUHF™, SUHB™, and SUHM™ platforms follows the classic method of scaling up a bioprocess by using successively larger diameter bag retention holders and bags.  The range of sizes chosen gives users a typical seed to production fermentor / bioreactor train that offers flexibility in choosing the proper inoculation volume needed for successively larger batches. The agitation and mixing scale up using traditional and proven performance analysis as has been done for many years on conventional vertical stainless steel systems. Mixers throughout the bioprocess can be matched to the unit operation volume needs as a function of the production scale necessary for each step in the process.


scale out

The SUHF™, SUHB™, and SUHM™ modular design concept allows scale out in a manner typical of adding parallel equipment trains with the benefit that a variety of sizes are available to choose from.  The train expansion sizes depend on how many modules are assembled for a given campaign.  So rather than scale out a 50L unit by adding a parallel 50L unit, the systems can be expanded to 100L by easily inserting a second module and using a 100L bag rather than two 50L bags.  In a similar manner the 50L unit can be scaled out to 150L by adding two expansion modules and inserting a 150L bag.


good under pressure

A good rule of thumb in microbial fermentation is that for every 5 psig increase in pressure the oxygen mass transfer rate will increase by approximately 33%.  Thus having a fully contained bag held within our Bag Retention Vessel (BRV) the pressure can be easily controlled to 5 psig.  Higher pressures may be possible based on testing and experience with the bag, external ports, tubing, and components. Although this is extremely useful in microbial growth, it is advantageous to a lesser extent when culturing mammalian cells.

(R)Evolutionary Production

The evolving demands on biotech and biopharma to optimize supply chains, trade Capex for Opex, and deliver consistent quality across the globe cost effectively, necessarily lead us to innovations, sometimes evolutions, of how we do business. This need is what drives innovation at New Horizon Biotech. NHB is steeped in industry experience, insight, consistency, and compliance, but mandated to generate and innovate better ways of getting the job done right. Thats where NHB is...where is your company at?