PRESS RELEASE: October 9, 2017

New Horizon Biotechnology launches web site

New Horizon Biotechnology Press Release 2017-10-09.png

The executive management team of New Horizon Biotechnology (NHB) announced today that it realized it was remiss in not having a functioning website. In a move most industry insiders would consider to be unremarkable, NHB has released its first version of a web presence. The initiative is projected to convey the most basic information about the company to the approximately 3.2 billion global residents having internet access but having no previous knowledge of the existence of the company.

An insider at the company stated "..finally.." upon hearing about the public release of the project. In the very first interview the CEO, Ernest Stadler, has allowed regarding the future of NHB, he boldly claimed that "...this is just the beginning."

New Horizon Biotechnology (NHB) is a privately held corporation located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. NHB has developed and is preparing to deploy a patented fermenter system, SUHF™, that enables more flexible, cost effective, and reproducible production for biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers.